Our Purpose

Transformed by her faith, Ruth transformed her community.

Ruth Samuelson spent her life studying and striving to become a better leader, wife, mother and, most importantly, follower of Christ. She freely shared what she learned with anyone who needed her help. Those who loved her feel it would be a tragedy if that precious wisdom were lost after her death. That’s why we created The Truth Project. Today, we invite you to open the treasure box. Take whatever you can use.

Ken's Intro

"I feel like I have this big box full of treasures sitting on my lap – a 1,000-pound box of treasures. I needed to either put them in the attic or I needed to distribute them to people who could put them to use in their own lives."
Ken Samuelson

Ruth's Legacy

Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, teacher, mentor, legislator, environmentalist, entrepreneur… During her life, Ruth didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about legacy building. But she left behind a legacy that was extraordinary in its breadth and depth. Years after her death, Ruth is still influencing the community she left behind. Find out how.


Over the course of three days, we interviewed more than two-dozen people whose lives were deeply influenced by their relationship with Ruth. There were a lot of emotional moments, but also some hilarious ones – and we wanted to share those with you.

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We’d love to hear how Ruth’s life has impacted yours. Share your Truth Story using our hashtag. Or, send us your story privately.

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